Doing research about Musicvideos..

some of you might now i studied film and new media at university and i am currently doing research about musicvideos. after i finished producing some songs it would be awesome to start the production of some really beautiful musicvideos this year. here is a collection of  6 artistic muiscvideos that i love..



1. camille, because i love her music and i think she is very creative.


2. nosaj thing because he is working with dance and projection, an amazing technique that i would like to try myself


3. the do cause this video is amazing and i love her style


5. definitely different from dimlite. what more can you say..


6. andreya triana and bonobo. dancing in the forest..

friends and music

i am missing my friends and favorite musicians since i am in germany, so i decided to introduce you to some of the amazing musicians i met during my studies in vienna… i hope to reach up to these great projects in future!!

  • this is my ex drummer’s project, which i like a lot (michael schatzmann)
  • these are awesome guys that i meet at jamsessions in vienna and i really like their style
  • this is a girl i meet in vienna at music events regularly and i think she is cool
  • this is my first pianist, who also does my very favorite project

this is a friend of mine who i saw a lot of great jamsessions with


decided to post a poem <3


sende botschaften an die welt! denke in facebook statusnachrichten! liebe mehrere menschen gleichzeitig. *internet. massenkommunikation* ich habe erleuchtung gefunden. i could have died but i decided to go to school tomorrow.