i just updated my soundcloud account

i am happy to announce that soon i will have enough songs recorded to be able to press my first ep/ cd!!

its jazzy singer songwriter with influences from film music. if you want to help me press the cd, you will find a crowdfunding campaign here soon. i am looking forward to share this with you and finally have a peace of my music in my hands for friends and family. so long, listen to my first recording experiments with guitar here:




wrote a new poem recently…

running on water, my footsteps touch the surface very lightly and i can see, easy sparkling, light and blue, dancing floating colours, you, circles that grow peacefully, surround me, hug the earth and dance with each other. i am moving fast and slow again, one with space and time, i fly and you cry through me, wind..

amazing friends from vienna that i want to write about.. <3

1. one of the coolest bands i got to know during my studies, combining hip hop and jazz and sounding incredibly smart, confident and basey. i bought this little cd once..
Introducing THE RUFF PACK
2. one of the coolest normal guys bands that i can imagine. i mean, this is exactly what i wanted to do when i was beginning to study in vienna. the guys nailed my dream. by the way, they have a production company as well, worth looking at, infamous.at
3. chill out beats with house and summerwintervibes
4. another girl, whose beautiful artwork i admire is normadee. flowers in the city and souly vibes.. she also has her own stylish little cafe in vienna, called soulkitchen. ❤
5. this is one of the successful projects of my first singing teacher in vienna. really love her voice and her bravery. one of the best singers i know on earth 😉 .
6. this is one of the coolest dudes behind a drumset that i know. he also has a label contract with affine records. found him on a jazzjamsession at music school once and am hooked ever since.